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This page lists known issues and workarounds. Since every computer may have a unique hardware and software combination, results may differ. If your equipment is still under warranty, we recommend you speak with those people first. However, if they tell you to reload your entire system, call us. We will be glad to help you resolve the issue in the best way we can. We might be able to save your data first.

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Windows XP restarts when trying to shut down

When trying to shutdown a computer that is running Windows XP, the computer restarts immediately.


By default, Windows XP is set to restart whenever it encounters a software or hardware error during shutdown. Unfortunately, this does not identify what the problem is. To find out the cause of the problem:

  1. Left click on the Start button
  2. Right click My Computer
  3. Left click Properties
  4. Left click Advanced
  5. Left click Settings in the Startup and Recovery section
  6. Left click in the check box next to Automatically Restart
  7. Left click the OK button
  8. Left click the OK button

Step 6 will remove the checkmark from that box. The next time you shutdown the computer, a blue screen should appear. The screen will identify the driver or process causing the problem. Once you know where the problem is, you can look for the solution. Most often, the problem originated from a recent change or addition to your computer. So, identify any changes you made since the computer last functioned properly and work from there.

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