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Everybody loves those little tips they can pass on to someone else. You can email it to us. We'll check it out. If we post it here, we'll give you credit for it.


   Quick emailing

Create this desktop shortcut so you can quickly send out an email message without starting up your email program. To create the shortcut:

  1. Right click an empty place on your desktop
  2. Select New then Shortcut
  3. In the create shortcut window, type in mailto: and press Next
  4. In the Select a title window, type in Quick mail and press Finish

Be sure to include the colon after the mailto (in step 3). The shortcut will appear on your desktop with either your Outlook or Outlook Express icon, depending on which program is your default mailing program. When you click the icon, the familiar new message window will appear. Fill in the message as you normally would, then press the Send button. It's that easy.

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